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I strive to learn more about all, forget nothing, and live for everything.

I often write, photograph daily, sometimes paint and draw. My life is constant inspiration, but finding the time to express is a challenge.

"Don't let college academia and deadlines chisel off all your sharp edges, they are what makes you unique" ~Me

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Free Justina Pelletier!!! The cry heard round the world for a girl who needs our help! #freejustina #justinapelletier #justiceforjustina

I just supported Free Justina Pelletier!!! on @ThunderclapIt // @slavery_report

Justice4Justina: How YOU Can Help!

Justice4Justina: How YOU Can Help!

Rights that have been trampled upon.

Rights that have been trampled upon.

So yesterday, I wrote about the Justina Pelletier case and why it has me Unsettled and today I want to talk about ways the PUBLIC, that’s YOU and ME, can help make an IMPACT that will help in getting this girl home.

1. Visit the Justice for Justina Campaign and SIGN the petition!!While you are there be sure to MAKE A DONATION to help the Pelletier family with…

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Free Justina – Information the public should know

Free Justina – Information the public should know


Another blogger talks about the Justina Pelletier case. #freejustina #justinapelletier

Originally posted on facethefactsnews:

Many of you have no doubt heard the horrific story of 15 year old Justina Pelletier who has basically been kidnapped by the State of Massachusetts, DCF, and Boston Children’s Hospital. While many people are following this story, we need every American to…

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Take Notice! Why Justina’s Case Unsettles Me.

Take Notice! Why Justina’s Case Unsettles Me.

Have you heard about the child in the news who for the last year has been a prisonoer at Boston Children’s Hospital? She has a complex medical history, including a working Mitochondrial Disease diagnosis by top Mito expert Dr. Mark Korson of Tufts Medical University. Justina Pelletier was taken from her parents by Boston Children’s Hospital in conjunction with Massachusetts Division of Children…

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Tangible Love: day 7 of my500words

Sometimes, you just feel alone. Not lonely, absolutely completely alone, in a cave in the dark by yourself. It feels as if the whole entire universe has forgotten you even exist. Or maybe, I’m the only one.

I can recall many times feeling so alone, so…

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Tangible Trust : Day 6 of my500words

As I sit here, exhausted, my baby is blabbing in his cute sing-song way. My two oldest are asleep. The house is quiet, except for the tunes floating through the radio speakers in the kitchen. I’m at home, but I feel lost. My world has changed so much I…

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Rain, Rain! GO AWAY! : Day 5 of my500words

She stretched herself across the bed with the laptop, her feet dangling over the edge, the foot board creating indentations in her shins. The sound of the rain reverberated off the rooftop and a tap tap tap on the window panes sang a lullaby as she…

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Whirlwind: Day 4 of my500words

Thoughts rush like a whirlwind, kaleidoscope of random racing rings- rapture of words and rhymes. Swaying feminine form, dancing in the blustery winds, rocking on her heels- back and forth at the river’s edge- toes deep in the embankments ripe lotion-…

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Tangible 2014: The Creative Force Behind Our Words

I never thought of it this way before, and I don’t know why. God’s creative power is tangible. He said it. It happened. Bam! Earth, sky, water, creatures, living things. In all of God’s days creating, never once did He “think up” His plan into existence.…

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Clearing Hurdles : Day 3 of my500words

She has lost the wagon train. Circling back, trying to find the beaten path. Lurching forward, searching around the bend for the remaining party. She hopes they aren’t too far ahead. She finds their wheel marks and follows them down to the embankment. A…

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